Jeff Barr (ジェフ バー)


Vice President & Chief Evangelist , アマゾン ウェブ サービス

2004年11月 AWSブログ(開始時から現在まで記事投稿を続ける aws のチーフ エバンジェリスト。2002年アマゾンに入社以来、一貫してエバンジェリストとして活動し、AWSサービスの最新かつ技術的に適切な情報を提供し続けているAWSの生き字引的偉大な存在。奥様ともに親日家で、2人揃っての今回の訪日を楽しみにしているとのこと。


Vice President & Chief Evangelist , Amazon Web Services

As the Chief Evangelist for the Amazon Web Services, Jeff gets to tell the AWS story to audiences all over the world. Jeff talks, blogs, record videos, and spreads the word via social media.

His main work product is the AWS Blog which he has been writing since the fall of 2004. In this role, Jeff works with the product teams to create interesting, informative, and technically accurate blog posts to highlight the latest and greatest AWS offerings. Jeff has written over 2,500 posts (well over a million words) and currently average one finished post per calendar day.

Both of him and his wife are pro-Japanese, they are looking forward to the two visits to Japan this time.

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