JAWS-UG is having big event in Japan!

JAWS-UG (AWS User Group Japan) is the user group of Amazon Web Services. We have fifty and more branches in Japan.
Each branch has AWS related technical and personnel exchanges in every week.
The events also contribute to the improvement of AWS users’ technical skills and business expansion.



Date: 2018 March 10 (sat) 10:00-
Location: TOC Gotanda Messe
Address: Gotanda 6-6-19, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Host: JAWS-UG(AWS Users Group – Japan)
Auspices: Amazon Web Services Japan
Socials:Twitter: @jawsdays, Facebook: jawsug
Hashtags:#jawsdays #jawsug


No Boder

You can make your world and the new time is beginning.
New world, new friends and the new time has came through the technology: “AWS”.
Let’s make it even more like ourselves such an individual, unique space that is unique to us!

JAWS DAYS 2018 will also draw a new form of a different community as a place of exchange with foreign countries and domestic and international borderless information exchanges.

JAWS DAYS is for an excellent opportunity for domestic community members to learn outside, the treatment and standing position of AWS in different cultural areas, and the external service utilising it;

JAWS DAYS is for the amount of heat of JAWS-UG which self-propelled by more than 70 chapters nationwide, as opportunities for AWS users around the world to know us that can be said to be rare worldwide through overseas UG.

JAWS DAYS is for networking with overseas User group, creation of business, and as a way to jump out to the world;

JAWS DAYS is an event that removes race, sex, country, industry type, various border, is connected with the universal language called AWS, and develops to social contribution ahead of business.

We announce we will hold JAWS DAYS!