[Serverless] Reusable serverless components accross Projects via Terraform

誰でもOK Gトラック #jd2018_g 16:00〜16:20

My team heavily uses both Serverless and Terraform to build infrastructure, but as the number of projects we managed grew, it got harder to know how components were glued in different projects.
So we decided to try different ways to structure our projects in order
to :
– make better use terraform modules
– run terraform in a more secure manner
– share serverless components in a reliable way
– abstract complex infrastructure gluing
– faster project bootstrap times

give away:
– In this talk I will guide you through the mistakes we made while using terraform
– How to better structure your terraform projects
– How to use terraform modules to share and abstract complex infrastructure
– How to nail down infrastructure automation via an importable serverless pipeline (codepipeline + code deploy)


David Przybilla

David Przybilla

所属:HDE (https://hde.co.jp/)

Software Engineer, Pythonista. Previously working on Data engineering in London for the last 4 years,
Moved to Tokyo one year ago to work with Infrastructure using Golang, Terraform and AWS.