[Overseas] AWS Sagemaker and building the @WhereML Twitter bot & Architecting for Machine Learning

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AWS Sagemaker and building the @WhereML Twitter bot

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Architecting for Machine Learning

Machine learning is presently a key component of software engineering. We have Netflix recommendations, Pinterest image analytics, Duolingo voice synthesis and many other examples demonstrating that machine learning is more than a reality, but already expected by users. The rise of deep learning brings countless exciting possibilities, from video recognition to self driving cars. And everyone can do it! There is a wide variety of open source libraries and public services available to developers.

However, the same variety and accelerated pace of inovation can make it difficult to select machine learning technologies and integrate them into applications. Some problems can be solved quite simply by managed cloud services, while others may require training a new model or even developing a custom learning algorithm. Down to the infrastructure level, tuning hardware acceleration with GPUs and FPGAs makes it viable to clean, transform and train unprecedent ammounts of data.

This presentation explores the resources available from Amazon Web Services for machine learning, from managed services to libraries and incentive programs. Every developer is welcome, let’s get our hands dirty with examples and demonstrations and build ever more intelligent application.


Randall Hunt

Serverless session


テクニカル エバンジェリスト, アマゾン ウェブ サービス

Randall Huntはロスアンゼルスのアマゾン ウェブ サービスで、シニア テクニカルエバンジェリストかつソフトウェア エンジニアとして働いています。Pythonが彼のもっとも好きな言語ですが、時々C++の濃い世界で彼を見かけることができます。Randallはgitshots、apodtwitter、isthe7runningの著者で、MongoDB、Homebrew、boto などいくつかのオープンソースツールやライブラリーのコントリビューターです。彼はかつてNASAやSpaceXでロケットを打ち上げていましたが、彼のプログラミングへの情熱をMongoDBに見出しました。とはいえ彼は完全に宇宙オタクです。


Senior Technical Evangelist, Amazon Web Services

Randall Hunt is a Senior Technical Evangelist and Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services in Los Angeles. Python is his favorite language but he can sometimes be found in the dark realm of C++. Randall is the author of gitshots, apodtwitter, isthe7running, as well as a contributor to MongoDB, Homebrew, boto and several other open source tools and libraries. He used to launch rockets at NASA and SpaceX but found his programming passion at MongoDB. He is a total space nerd.

詳細プロフィール(Profile): https://aws.amazon.com/jp/evangelists/randall-hunt/


Julio Faerman

Machine Learning session


テクニカル エバンジェリスト, アマゾン ウェブ サービス

Julioは機械と人間の学習プロセスに魅了されたソフトウェアエンジニアであり、教育者です。デベロッパーがアマゾン ウェブ サービスの優れた機能を活用できるよう、世界中に出かけていきます。以前は、Red Hat、Borland、政府機関、テレコム、スタートアップそして多くの小規模プロジェクトに従事していました。


Technical evangelist, Amazon Web Services.

Julio is a software engineer and educator, fascinated by learning processes – machine and human. Travels the world helping developers leverage the best of Amazon Web Services. Before that, worked at Red Hat, Borland, Governments, Telcos, Startups and too many pet projects.

詳細プロフィール(Profile): https://aws.amazon.com/jp/evangelists/julio-faerman/